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“May you and I discern truth from lies.” <>< Dona (10/27/20)

Please read Jeremiah 28 through 30.  If you don’t have a Bible handy just click here -> Biblegateway.com. The Biblegateway website should open for you to use. Type in the chapters you want to read and select the translation you want to read them from. Click search and the chapters should appear. Once you read the suggested chapters close the screen and you should return here.

Jeremiah 28 Theme

A false prophet.


Oh! Wow! Lord, are we in America listening to and believing false prophets?  

Something to think about

Hananiah prophesied that the yoke of the king of Babylon would be broken and within two years all the articles of the Lord’s house that King Nebuchadnezzar had removed would be returned (v. 1-3).   And the exiles who went to Babylon would return too (v. 4).  Jeremiah reminded the prophet Hananiah that prophets are only true prophets if what they prophesy comes true (v.9). The Lord told Jeremiah to tell Hananiah instead of the yoke of wood, that an iron yoke would be placed on all the nations and they would serve Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon (v. 12-14).  Then Jeremiah told Hananiah the Lord had not sent him (Hananiah) and that he (Hananiah) had persuaded the people to trust in lies (v. 15).  Jeremiah also told Hananiah that within the year he (Hananiah) would die because he (Hananiah) had preached rebellion against the Lord (v. 16-17).

Something to experience

Are we in America careful about who we believe (v. 7-9)? 

Scripture to hide in your heart

Jeremiah 28:1-3That same year, in the beginning of the reign of Zedekiah king of Judah, in the fourth year, in the fifth month, Hananiah the son of Azzur, the prophet, who was of Gibeon, spoke to me in the Lord’s house, in the presence of the priests and of all the people, saying, “The Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says, ‘I have broken the yoke of the king of Babylon. Within two full years I will bring again into this place all the vessels of the Lord’s house, that Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon took away from this place, and carried to Babylon.'” 

Jeremiah 28:4 “I will bring again to this place Jeconiah the son of Jehoiakim, king of Judah, with all the captives of Judah, who went to Babylon,” says the Lord; “for I will break the yoke of the king of Babylon.”

Jeremiah 28:7-8 Nevertheless listen now to this word that I (Jeremiah) speak in your ears, and in the ears of all the people: The prophets who have been before me and before you of old prophesied against many countries, and against great kingdoms, of war, of evil, and of pestilence.

 Jeremiah 28:9 The prophet who prophesies of peace, when the word of the prophet happens, then the prophet will be known, that the Lord has truly sent him.

Jeremiah 28:12-14 12 Then the Lord’s word came to Jeremiah, after Hananiah the prophet had broken the bar from off the neck of the prophet Jeremiah, saying, 13 “Go, and tell Hananiah, saying, ‘the Lord says, “You have broken the bars of wood, but you have made in their place bars of iron.” 14 For the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel says, “I have put a yoke of iron on the neck of all these nations, that they may serve Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon; and they will serve him. I have also given him the animals of the field.’”

Jeremiah 28:15 Then the prophet Jeremiah said to Hananiah the prophet, “Listen, Hananiah! The Lord has not sent you, but you make this people trust in a lie.” 

Jeremiah 28:16-17 16 Therefore the Lord says, ‘Behold, I will send you away from off the surface of the earth. This year you will die, because you have spoken rebellion against the Lord.’  17 So Hananiah the prophet died the same year in the seventh month.


Jeremiah 29 Theme

A letter to the exiles (v. 1).


Oh! Wow! Lord, You encouraged the exiles (v. 4-7).  

Something to think about

The letter sent to the exiles instructed them to live their lives fully and pray for the pagan nation that enslaved them (v. 4-7).   The exiles were told to not let the prophets and diviners deceive them.  That the Lord had not sent them (v. 8-9). The exiles were told after seventy years the Lord would come to them for He had plans for them.  Plans not to harm them, but plans to give them hope and a future (v. 10-11).

Something to experience

Just like the Israelites, the Lord has plans for us and He wants us to call upon and pray to Him for He will listen to us (v. 12).  The Lord says when we seek Him with all our heart, we will find Him (v. 13).   Just like the Israelites the Lord can bring us out of captive (v. 14). Perhaps the Lord is right now preparing you and me for a new beginning with Him at the center.

Scripture to hide in your heart

Jeremiah 29:4-7 The Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says to all the captives whom I have caused to be carried away captive from Jerusalem to Babylon: “Build houses and dwell in them. Plant gardens and eat their fruit. Take wives and father sons and daughters. Take wives for your sons, and give your daughters to husbands, that they may bear sons and daughters. Multiply there, and don’t be diminished. Seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to the Lord for it; for in its peace you will have peace.” 

Jeremiah 29:8-9 For the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel says: “Don’t let your prophets who are among you and your diviners deceive you. Don’t listen to your dreams which you cause to be dreamed. For they prophesy falsely to you in My name. I have not sent them,” says the Lord. 

Jeremiah 29:10-11 10 For the Lord says, “After seventy years are accomplished for Babylon, I will visit you and perform My good word toward you, in causing you to return to this place. 11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,” says the Lord, “thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:12 “You shall call on Me, and you shall go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.” 

Jeremiah 29:13“You shall seek Me, and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” 

Jeremiah 29:14 “I will be found by you,” says the Lord, “and I will turn again your captivity, and I will gather you from all the nations, and from all the places where I have driven you, says the Lord. “I will bring you again to the place from where I caused you to be carried away captive.”


Jeremiah 30 Theme

The promise to restore Israel (v. 3).


Oh! Wow! Lord, You spoke of the Messiah, the one who would ultimately save us (v. 8-11).   

Something to think about

Sin cannot be cured by a person being good or being religious (v. 15).  Only God can take away our sin (v. 17). 

Something to experience

If we want God to cure the disease of sin, we must submit to His care.  When we receive punishment or repercussions from the sin we’ve committed growth can take place.  And then we will have the opportunity to learn from our sins.   And restoration can take place in our lives (v. 24).

Scripture to hide in your heart

Jeremiah 30:3 “For, behold, the days come,” says the Lord, “that I will reverse the captivity of My people Israel and Judah,” says the Lord. “I will cause them to return to the land that I gave to their fathers, and they will possess it.”

Jeremiah 30:8-11 “It will come to pass in that day, says the Lord Almighty, that I will break his yoke from off your neck, and will burst your bonds.  Strangers will no more make them their bondservants; but they will serve the Lord, their God, and David their king, whom I will raise up to them.  10 Therefore don’t be afraid, O Jacob My servant, says the Lord.  Don’t be dismayed, Israel.  For, behold, I will save you from afar, and save your offspring from the land of their captivity.  Jacob will return, and will be quiet and at ease.  No one will make him afraid.  11 For I am with you, says the Lord, to save you; for I will make a full end of all the nations where I have scattered you, but I will not make a full end of you; but I will correct you in measure, and will in no way leave you unpunished.”

Jeremiah 30:15 “Why do you cry over your injury?  Your pain is incurable.  For the greatness of your iniquity, because your sins have increased, I have done these things to you.”

Jeremiah 30:17 “For I will restore health to you, and I will heal you of your wounds,” says the Lord; “because they have called you an outcast, saying, ‘It is Zion, whom no man seeks after.’”

Jeremiah 30:24 The fierce anger of the Lord will not return until He has accomplished, and until He has performed the intentions of His heart.  In the latter days you will understand it.



Lord, I pray we will discern truth from lies (Jeremiah 28:9). Lord, I pray we will live our lives fully until You come to take us home (Jeremiah 29:4-6).  Lord, I pray we will pray for the peace and prosperity of the city we live in (Jeremiah 29:7). Lord, I pray we will trust Your plan to prosper us; to give us a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).  Lord, I pray we will seek You and find You as we seek for You with all our heart (Jeremiah 29:13). Lord, I ask You to restore the nation of Israel and the nation of America (Jeremiah 30:3).  Lord, I ask that both nations would have peace and security (Jeremiah 30:10).  Lord, I pray You will be with us and save us (Jeremiah 30:11).  Lord, I pray You will restore us to health and heal our wounds (Jeremiah 30:17).  Lord, I pray we will be Your people and You will be our God (Jeremiah 30:22).  Lord, I pray You will accomplish the purposes of Your heart (Jeremiah 30:24).  In Christ Jesus’ name I pray.  AMEN.

“May you and I seek God’s purpose for our life.” <>< Dona