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“The following are notes from my NIV Bible.” <>< Dona (07/25/20)

If you want to look up any of the Psalms listed below just click here -> Biblegateway.com. The Biblegateway website should open for you to use. Type in the chapters you want to read and select the translation you want to read them from. Click search and the chapters should appear. Once you read the suggested chapters close the screen and you should return here.

Reasons To Read The Psalms

To find comfort (Psalm 23)

To meet God intimately (Psalm 103)

To learn a new prayer (Psalm 136)

To learn a new song (Psalm 92)

To learn more about God (Psalm 24)

To understand yourself more clearly (Psalm 8)

To know how to come to God each day (Psalm 5)

To be forgiven for your sins (Psalm 51)

To feel worthwhile (Psalm 139)

To understand why you should read the Bible (Psalm 119)

To give praise to God (Psalm 145)

To know that God is in control (Psalm 146)

To give thanks to God (Psalm 136)

To please God (Psalm 15)

To know why you should worship God (Psalm 104)

“When you and I allow the Psalms to overflow our heart we will experience a deeper understanding of God and His Word.” <>< Dona