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“Together in 2020 let’s work on having 20/20 vision.” <>< Dona (2020)

Part 1 What

Together let’s search for both “Oh! Wow!” moments in God’s Word and in our every day life. 

Let’s share what we discover.  I’ll post my “Oh! Wow!” moments right here. Perhaps you could share yours. Just go to the bottom of this post and you’ll find a POST COMMENT space.

Part 2 Why

In the past I’ve had moments that I’ve said “Oh! Wow!”  These very limited times have happened because I’ve slowed down and taken notice of God’s involvement in a particular situation. 

But there are many more times I’ve seen things and felt things that though I should have said or thought “Oh! Wow!” I barely acknowledged or noticed them as I passed by. 

Together let’s attempt to “open our eyes” and see more clearly God’s Presence and His Creation in 2020.  Let’s travel along together.

As we read through the Bible this year, I want us to discover all the “Oh! Wow!” moments God has created and wants to create in our life. I’m going to let God guide me as to how many chapters to read each day.  

And when I come upon scripture that is retelling something I’ve already shared unless there is something new in the passage I’ll probably not repeat the “Oh! Wow!” moments.  But I just might say “Oh! Wow!” to myself.

Part 3 How

Please read along with me.  Use whichever translation you enjoy reading.

If you don’t have a Bible handy just click on -> Biblegateway.com.  The Biblegateway website should open for you to use. 

If on any day you read more or less than me it doesn’t matter.  What’s important is what you discover about God.   I suggest you purchase a notebook and write down everything you read that makes you say “Oh! Wow!” 

“When you find something “Wow-worthy” why not thank God, not only verbally but in writing.” <>< Dona