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“Meet some of the people listed in the I Chronicles 1-8 genealogy.” <>< Dona (06/07/20)

Name                                             Life lesson

Adam – Our sins have far greater implications than we realize (Genesis 2-3).

Noah – Great rewards come from obeying God (Genesis 6-9).

Abraham – Faith alone makes one right in God’s eyes (Genesis 11-25).

Isaac – Seeking peace brings true respect (Genesis 21-35).

Esau – It is never too late to put away bitterness and forgive (Gen. 25-36).

Jacob – While our sins may haunt us, God will honor our faith (Gen. 25-50).

Judah – God can change the hearts of even the most wicked people (Gen. 37-50).

Tamar – God works His purposes even through sinful events (Genesis 38).

Perez – Our background doesn’t matter to God (Genesis 38).

Boaz – Those who are kind to others will receive kindness themselves (the book of Ruth).

Jesse – Never take lightly the influence we have on our children (I Samuel 16).

David – True greatness is having a heart for God (I and II Samuel).

Absalom – Trying to oust a God-appointed leader is a difficult battle (II Samuel 13-18).

Aaron – Don’t expect God’s leaders to be perfect, but don’t allow them to get away with sin  (Exodus 4-Numbers 20).

Eleazar – Those who are consistent in their faith are the best models to follow (Numbers 20; Numbers 26-34; Joshua 24).

Joshua – Real courage comes from God (the book of Joshua).

Jonathan – True friends always think of the other person, not just themselves (I Samuel 14:31).

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