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“This past week we read about both Elijah and Elisha, two prophets.  Here’s a little information about them.” <>< Dona (05/24/20)

Something to think about

Elijah was sent by God to confront, not comfort.  He was sent to speak God’s words to a king.  God displayed His Presence to Elijah in a gentle whisper (I Kings 19:12). Even today God often speaks through the gentle and obvious rather than the spectacular and unusual.  The real miracle of Elijah’s life was his very personal relationship with God.  And that miracle is available to us too.

Lessons from Elijah and Elisha

We are never alone; God is always near.

God speaks more frequently in persistent whispers than in shouts.

Elisha was Elijah’s replacement as God’s prophet to Israel. Elisha was willing to follow and learn from Elijah.

Both Elijah and Elisha concentrated their efforts on the particular needs of the people around them.

Elijah confronted and exposed idolatry, helping to create an atmosphere where people could freely and publicly worship God.  Elisha demonstrated God’s powerful, yet caring nature to all who came to him for help. 

Elisha recognized that with God there was more in life.   Elijah would have been proud of his replacement.  We too have great examples to follow – both people in Scripture and those who have positively influenced our lives. 

Something to experience

We must resist the tendency to think about the limitations that our family background or environment create fur us.  We should ask God to use us for His purposes. 

Perhaps take a stand against great wrongs as Elijah did.  Or show compassion for the daily needs of those around us as Elisha did.  Ask God to use you as only He can. 

In God’s eyes, one measure of greatness is the willingness to serve the poor as well as the powerful.

An effective replacement not only learns from his master, but also builds upon his master’s achievements.

“May God use us for His purposes.” <>< Dona