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“Meet Jonathan and Michal who were King Saul’s children.” <>< Dona (05/03/20)


Jonathan was David’s best friend and Mical’s brother.

Loyalty is one of life’s most costly qualities.  It is the most selfless part of love.

Jonathan is a shining example of loyalty.   He was forced to deal with conflicts of loyalties to his father, Saul and his friend David.

Jonathan knew the source of truth was God, who demanded his ultimate loyalty.  God gave Jonathan the ability to deal effectively with the complicated situations in his life.


1. He was brave, loyal, and a natural leader.

2. He was David’s closest friend ever.

3. He put the well-being of those he loved before his own.

4. He depended on God.


1. Loyalty is one of the strongest parts of courage.

2. An allegiance to God puts all other relationships in perspective.

3. Great friendships are costly.

The conflicting demands of our relationships challenge us as well.  If we communicate to our friends that our ultimate loyalty is to God and His truth, many of our choices will be much clearer. 

The truth of God’s Word, the Bible, will bring light to our decisions. 

*** Jonathan’s story is in I Samuel 13-31; II Samuel 9 ***  


Michal was King Saul’s daughter, Jonathan’s sister; and David’s wife.

Sometimes love is not enough – especially if that love is little more than the strong emotional attraction that grows between a hero (David) and an admirer (Michal).

Unlike her brother Jonathan, Michal did not have the kind of deep relationship with God that would have helped her through the difficulties in her life. 


1. She loved David and became his first wife.

2. She saved David’s life.

3. She could think and act quickly when it was needed.


1. We are not as responsible for what happens to us as we are for how we respond to our circumstances.

2. Disobedience to God almost always harms us as well as others.

We need to see Michal as a person mirroring our own tendencies.  How quickly and easily we can become bitter with life’s unexpected turns.  But bitterness cannot remove or change the bad things that have happened.  Often bitterness only makes a bad situation worse. 

On the other hand, a willingness to respond to God gives Him the opportunity to bring good out of the difficult situations. (see Romans 8:28)

That willingness to respond to God has two parts: asking God for His guidance and looking for that guidance in His Word.

*** Michal’s story is in I Samuel 14 through II Samuel 6; I Chronicles 15:29 ***

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