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“Meet Solomon, King David’s wise son.” <>< Dona (05/17/20)


Early in Solomon’s life he had the good sense to recognize his need for wisdom.  Though it was clear that God’s gift of wisdom to Solomon didn’t mean that he couldn’t make mistakes because he made some big ones. 

In the last decade of Solomon’s reign little is mentioned in the Bible.  In Ecclesiastes (authored by Solomon) we find a man proving through bitter experience that finding meaning in life apart from God is a vain pursuit. 

The contentment we find in the opportunities and successes of this life is temporary.  The more we expect our earthly successes to be permanent, the more quickly they are gone.  If we seek our contentment in God we’ll always succeed.


1. Solomon was the third king of Israel, David’s chosen heir.

2. He was the wisest man who ever lived.

3. He was the author of Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs, as well as some of the Proverbs and Psalms.

4. He built God’s temple in Jerusalem.

5. He was a diplomat, trader, collector, patron of the arts.


1. Effective leadership can be nullified by an ineffective personal life.

2. Solomon failed to obey God, but did not learn the lesson of repentance until late in life.

3. Knowing what actions are required of us means little without the will to do those actions.

*** Solomon’s story is in II Samuel 12:24 – I Kings 11:43; I Chronicles 28-29; II Chronicles 1-10; Nehemiah 13:26; Psalm 72; Matthew 6:29; 12:42 ***

“May you and I learn from Solomon.” <>< Dona