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“May you experience Oh! Wow! moments every day.” <>< Dona 04/19/20


Monday (04/13/20) – Judges 18-21

Oh! Wow! Lord no one desired to worship You.

Oh! Wow! Lord the men of Dan replaced You with an idol made with human hands.

Tuesday (04/14/20) – Ruth 1-4

Oh! Wow! Lord You can use every circumstance to build Your kingdom. Naomi and Ruth still wanted to help each other even though their husbands had died and they were not technically related anymore.

Oh! Wow! Lord Your plan was for Ruth to glean in Boaz’s field so she and Naomi would have food but also Ruth and Boaz would have an opportunity to meet. 

Oh! Wow! Lord each of us has someone who is willing to take care of us.  Someone willing to be our kinsman-redeemer.  And He is Christ Jesus.   

Wednesday (04/15/20) – I Samuel 1-2

Oh! Wow! Lord You had a plan that involved Hannah.

Oh! Wow! Lord Hannah thanked You for everything You had done for her.

Oh! Wow! Lord Eli’s sons treated your offerings with contempt (12-17). 

Thursday (04/16/20) – I Samuel 3-7

Oh! Wow! Lord You spoke to Samuel about what was going to happen to Eli’s family. 

Oh! Wow! Lord your hand was heavy upon the people of Ashdod and the surrounding area. 

Oh! Wow! Lord according to Samuel You would deliver the Israelites out of the hands of the Philistines. 

Friday (04/17/20)– I Samuel 8-10

Oh! Wow! Lord was Samuel a bad parent?

Oh! Wow! Lord Samuel and Saul’s meeting was no chance encounter. 

Oh! Wow! Lord the Holy Spirit came upon Saul in power and caused him to prophesy (verse 10).

“Remember the Lord is only a prayer away.” <>< Dona