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Suze, a friend from church, suggested “How Great Thou Art” as a song to share. The first rendition is by “Home Free.” Not only are their voices wonderful so is the scenery.

The next rendition is being sung by Carrie Underwood. She has a great voice too. So listen to one or both. I’m sure God will not care if He hears it twice in a row.

I have to confess that when I saw how short Carrie Underwood’s dress was, well, I briefly thought I should turn it off (because I didn’t want to offend anyone) but right then God reminded me of my 2021 resolution. When I have a negative thought, I made the resolution to not say what I was thinking but to turn to God in prayer. And that’s what I did. I wept and prayed as this gifted woman sang. And then I began praying for all those celebrities in the audience. Please be sure to watch the video closely. Look at the singer’s face. Look at the faces of the audience. Look at them as they stand up. God forgive me for my negative thought. God please bless all those in the audience on the video and God please bless those who are listening to this song. <>< Dona