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“May you and I always trust God for every outcome in our life.” <>< Dona (07/19/20)

How Suffering Affects Us

Suffering is helpful when:

We seek God for understanding, patience and deliverance.

We take time and ask questions that in normal times wouldn’t come up.

We learn from the suffering and turn and help others in a similar situation.

We allow others who are obeying God to help us.

We are able to learn from God through being open to His voice.

We can then understand a little of what Christ suffered for us on the cross.

We are sensitive to those around the world who are suffering.

Suffering is harmful when:

We become hardened and reject God.

We miss the opportunity to ask questions, therefore missing a helpful lesson.

We become self-centered and selfish due to our suffering.

We turn from receiving help from others.

We reject the lesson God was wanting us to learn.

We judge God as unjust and cause others to perhaps turn away from Him.

We are not open to any changes that might help us in our life.

“May all the suffering you and I experience be helpful and not harmful.” <>< Dona