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“Meet Job.” <>< Dona (07/05/20)

The book of Job begins with Job being the topic of conversation between God and satan. During one of the conversations God says Job is blameless and upright and a man who fears Him and shuns evil.  And then God allows satan to bring destruction upon Job’s family, his possessions and even Job himself.

Job suffered a great deal.  And couldn’t understand why he was suffering so much.

Job was a man of faith, patience and endurance.  He was known as a generous and caring person.  And Job was wealthy. 

So why did Job suffer? 

1. Sometimes we suffer consequences for bad decisions and actions. I don’t believe this was why Job was suffering because of what God says in Job 1:8. 

2. Sometimes suffering shapes us for special service to others. I don’t believe this was Job’s reason for suffering. But perhaps it was a consequence of his suffering.

3. Sometimes suffering is an attack by satan on our lives.  I believe this was the cause of Job’s suffering.  Because God allowed satan the space to test Job (see Job 1:12 and 2:6).

4. Sometimes we don’t know why we are suffering. But we need to trust God anyway.   Job didn’t know why he was suffering.   Job actually pointed to this in Job 2:7-10.

When we are suffering and don’t know why, will we trust God in spite of our unanswered questions?  I sure hope so, don’t you.

“May you and I trust God in spite of unanswered questions.” <>< Dona