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“Meet Ezra and Nehemiah.” <>< Dona


Ezra dedicated himself to carefully studying God’s Word.  He applied and obeyed personally the commands he discovered in God’s Word.  And he wanted to teach others both God’s Word and it application to their life.

Ezra and Nehemiah worked together to start a spiritual movement that swept the nation following the rebuilding of Jerusalem.  Ezra made a significant impact because he had the right plan – God’s Word.

Ezra was committed to studying, following and teaching God’s Word. He set up a religious education system.  He worked alongside Nehemiah during the last spiritual awakening recorded in the Old Testament.


Nehemiah was a common man in a unique position. He was secure and successful as cupbearer to the Persian king Artaxerxes. Nehemiah was concerned about the fate of Jerusalem.

From beginning to end, Nehemiah prayed for God’s help. He never hesitated to ask God to remember him. Nehemiah displayed unusual leadership.

Nehemiah was a man of character, persistence and prayer. he was a brilliant planner, organizer and motivator. Under his leadership, the wall around Jerusalem was rebuilt in 52 days. He led the nation to religious reform and spiritual awakening. Nehemiah was calm under opposition. He was capable of being bluntly honest with his people when they were sinning.

There are two ways you can be like Nehemiah. 1. Be a person who talks to God. Welcome Him into your thoughts and share yourself with Him – your concerns, feelings, and dreams. 2. Be a person who walks with God. Put what you learn from His Word into action.

“God just may have an “impossible” mission that He wants to accomplish through you.” <>< Dona