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“Meet Joash, who was saved from being killed by his grandmother by a priest’s wife.” <>< Dona (06/14/20)


When Joash was just one, his grandmother decided to slaughter all her descendants in a desperate bid for power.  Joash, thanks to a priest’s wife, survived.  Only because she hid him in the temple for six years.  

Then the priest arranged for the overthrow of Joash’s grandmother.  And crowned Joash as king.  The priest then made most of the decisions for Joash (as he was still a child). 

There was extensive repairs done to the temple.  And Joash was faithful to God as long as the priest lived.

Though Joash depended on the priest and did some good things, there is no proof in the Bible that he ever had a personal relationship God.  After the priest’s death, Joash didn’t know what to do.  He listened to counsel that led him into evil.  Joash’s own officials assassinated him. 

Have we ever been like Joash?  Have we ever acted on poor advice without considering God’s Word? A good and hopeful start can be ruined if not nurtured by a relationship with the Lord. Whether someone helps us or hinders us, it is still our responsibility to make right choices. 

Joash’s story is found in II Kings 11:1-14:23 and II Chronicles 22:11-25:25.