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“Take time to review this past week.” <>< Dona (01/12/20)

WEEK IN REVIEW: Genesis 8-26

MONDAY (01/06/20) Genesis 8 through 12

  • Oh! Wow! Lord, Noah heard Your voice. 
  • Oh! Wow!  Noah’s sacrifice was a pleasant aroma to You, Lord.
  • Oh! Wow! Lord, thank You for giving us a rainbow to remind us of Your promise to never again destroy the entire earth with a flood.
  • Oh! Wow! Lord, You created the different languages.  
  • Oh! Wow! Lord, Abram submitted to Your request for him to leave his home country and I don’t think he even complained about the move.

TUESDAY (01/07/20) Genesis 13 through 18

  • Oh! Wow! Lord, I believe You speak those words to us too. That we’re not to be afraid.  And that You’re our Shield, our exceedingly great reward.
  • Oh! Wow!  Lord, You wish for none to perish.

WEDNESDAY (01/08/20) Genesis 19

  • Oh! Wow! Lord, You can bring us out of sinful places.
  • Oh! Wow! Lord, in verse 26 we are told that Lot’s wife looked back even though she was told in verse 17 not to look back. And as a result she became a pillar of salt.
  • Oh! Wow! Lord, Lot’s daughters probably acted out of desperation.  They were probably compelled to preserve their family line. Their behavior was as sinful as what had be en going on in Sodom though. (see Leviticus 18:6)

THURSDAY (01/09/20)  Genesis 20 through 23

  • Oh! Wow! Lord, Abraham probably feared his life was in danger so though he was telling the truth that Sarah was his sister (they both had the same father) by not telling Abimelech Sarah was also his wife Abraham wasn’t telling the whole truth. Which is really lying.  (see Genesis 12:10-20) 
  • Oh! Wow! Lord, Sarah and Abraham became parents when Abraham was one hundred years old.
  • Oh! Wow! Lord, Abraham must have known You would make a way for his son to live. 

FRIDAY (01/10/20) Genesis 24 through 26

  • Oh! Wow! Abraham’s servant called on You, the God of his master Abraham, to give him success in finding Isaac a wife.
  • Oh! Wow! This story (in Genesis 26:1-10) sounds familiar? (See Day 9 Genesis 20:1-13)
  • Oh! Wow! Isaac gave up two wells then settled on a third one.

“I hope you enjoyed all the Oh! Wow! moments.” <>< Dona