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“I hope you experienced a few of your own Oh! Wow! moments this past week.” <>< Dona (03/29/20)

Review of the past week

Monday: Joshua 1 through 3

Oh! Wow! Lord, You kept Your promise to the Israelites to lead them to their Promised Land.

Oh! Wow! Lord, You used a woman of questionable character to carry out Your plan.

Oh! Wow! Lord You made the water part and allowed the Israelites to walk on dry ground to the other side of Jordan (Joshua 3:17). 

Tuesday: Joshua 4 through 6

Oh! Wow! Lord You directed the Israelites to build a memorial.

Oh! Wow! Lord the Canaanites became terrified of the Israelites’ army because they heard about the Israelites great victories through You.

Oh! Wow! Lord the Israelites had only to do what You told them to do to bring the walls of Jericho down.

Wednesday: Joshua 7 through 9

Oh! Wow! Lord the Israelites didn’t obey the instructions You gave them.

Oh! Wow! Lord making promises or taking an oath is serious business with You.

Thursday: Joshua 7 through 12

Oh! Wow! Lord You caused the sun to stand still.  

Oh! Wow! Lord, Joshua left nothing undone of all that You commanded Moses.

Oh! Wow! Lord You protected the Israelites and You can protect us.

Friday: Joshua 13 through 15

Oh! Wow! Lord though Joshua was at least 85 years old You still had work for him to do.

Oh! Wow! Lord there were dire consequences to the Israelites not totally driving out the inhabitants.

“Keep looking for God sightings.” <>< Dona