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“Do you know God loves you?” <>< Dona (03/22/20)

Review of the past week

Monday: Deuteronomy 20 through 22

Oh! Wow! Lord we, Christians, can trust You to go with us and give us victory in any battle.

Tuesday: Deuteronomy 23 through 25

Oh! Wow! Lord everyone is important to You.

Wednesday: Deuteronomy 26 through 28

Oh! Wow! Lord just like the Israelites we believers are Your people.

Thursday: Deuteronomy 29 through 30

Oh! Wow! Lord though You traveled with the Israelites they still didn’t truly understand who You were.

Oh! Wow! Lord I believe this message is for us too. 

Friday: Deuteronomy 31 through 34

Oh! Wow! Lord no matter what the Israelites did you were with them.

Oh! Wow! Lord You are a songwriter.

“Yes, Jesus loves you.” <>< Dona