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“I pray God will bless you and your loved ones today.” <>< Dona (03/14/20)


This is one of those weeks when the passages I read didn’t suggest any craft ideas.   That doesn’t mean I don’t have something for you to do though.  As I looked back over Deuteronomy 7 through 19 I found the word ‘give’ used at least 25 times.  So this week I have a challenge for you. 

Something to think about


Tangible items: car, house, clothes, food, books, décor items, money. 

Intangibles you might have experienced or acquired: a new ability, energy, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

I know there are other things so don’t be limited by my list.

Something to experience

Now look around you. Is there anything you could give to someone? It doesn’t have to be from what you just acquired this week. It can be anything that is yours. Think about it. Then go bless someone.

I just heard a great suggestion for giving. Because of the Coronavirus, visits to nursing homes are being discouraged. So why not write letters to nursing home residents? Send them a poem or a card or a note. A great gift of your time and energy.

A gift from me to you

If you’ll email me at awwjdseeker@bellsouth.net (this is my personal email) and let me know what you gave away I’ll email you a downloadable copy of THE FAMILY BUSINESS, a very short story, I wrote in 2003. I believe it will encourage you.

On the subject line of the email please insert “Dona’s Challenge” so I’ll open it immediately and not archive it for later reading.  I’m taking some online classes and am getting a lot more email than usual.  I’d love to hear from you though, the classes can wait.

“I pray God will show you that you can’t out give Him.” <>< Dona