“May you be a sweet aroma to the Lord.” <>< Dona

Week in Review

Monday (03/02/20) Numbers 28-30

Oh! Wow! Lord, the Israelites’ offerings were “an aroma pleasing to” You.

Oh! Wow! Lord, You provided these holidays for the Israelites as a time to refresh the mind and body and to renew their commitment to You.

TUESDAY (03/03/20) Numbers 31-32

Oh! Wow! Lord, the Midianites were responsible for enticing Israelites into Baal worship. Is that why You instructed Moses and the Israelites to destroy the Midianites?

Oh! Wow! Lord, it had taken the Israelites forty years to reach the Promised Land.  Yet some of the Israelites decided to stay on the east side of the Jordan.

WEDNESDAY (03/04/20) Numbers 33-36

Oh! Wow! Lord, Psalm 56:8; Psalm 69:28; Luke 10:20 all speak of You recording or writing about us Your children.  

THURSDAY (03/05/20) Deuteronomy 1-3

Oh! Wow! Lord, You never stopped traveling with the Israelites.  Even though Deuteronomy 1:2 stated that the trip from Horeb to Kadesh should have taken just eleven day. Their exodus from Egypt to Canaan should have been a whole lot shorter than 40 years, but You never gave up on or deserted them.

Oh! Wow! Lord, You fought for the Israelites. 

FRIDAY (03/06/20) Deuteronomy 4-6

Oh! Wow! Lord, You drew near to the Israelites when they prayed to You (verse 7).

Oh! Wow! Lord, You gave Moses the Ten Commandments face to face.

Oh! Wow! Lord You desired for the Israelites to fear You, obey You and therefore enjoy long lives.   You desired them to obey You so that it would go well with them and that they would increase greatly in the land that You promised them.

“Perhaps you could take time to talk to the Lord.” <>< Dona