“I hope you don’t leave until you have an open heart.” <>< Dona (03/07/20)

Today’s craft is a heart.  It was inspired by Deuteronomy 4:29-31 which says we are to look for God with all our heart and soul.   

This heart can be worn on a ribbon, string or chain.  And if you use reading glasses and don’t wear them continually this can be a place to park your glasses too.  My granddaughter made 2 hearts (one purple for her Mom and one multicolor for herself). I made an orange one.   

Supplies: I used SCULPEY Bake Shop clay.  I bought a variety pack of 12 different colors for under 10 dollars at Walmart (see photo # 1).  I purchased 4 yards of baker’s twine after Christmas for 10 cents at Kroger.

photo # 1

Directions: Roll out a marble size portion of clay (in your choice of color) into a long pencil like shape.  Curve the clay into a heart.  Flatten the heart to about ¼ inch thick. It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Bake at 275 for 15 minutes.  Do not overcook.  Let cool. 

Loop a 24 inch length of baker’s twine around the heart (see photo # 2 and # 3).  (For my neck cord I chose to double the twine and therefore used 48 inches of twine.)  Now tie off the twine ends as shown (photo # 4). It’s now ready to slip over your head and go (photo # 5).   If you use reading glasses and can’t seem to keep up with them, slip them on your heart (photo # 6).

photo # 2
photo # 3
photo # 4
photo # 5
photo # 6

Perhaps you’d like a wire heart.  I purchased 200 ft. of 16 gauge, galvanized wire for less than $7.  And the glasses holder necklace I purchased for $1 at the Dollar Tree.

I was able to fashion a heart from 12 inches of the wire.  I free formed my heart but you could draw out the pattern you want to make and bend the wire using your drawing. I used long nose pliers to bend the wire into shape. And then I attached a glass holder necklace to my wire heart (photo # 7) and hooked my reading glasses into the heart (photo # 8).   * Make sure you can slip the loops from your glasses holder necklace on to the wire ends of the heart.

photo # 7
photo # 8

This craft reminds me of the song “Open The Eyes Of My Heart” by Michael W. Smith.

“I hope you had time to make an open heart.” <>< Dona