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“Why not take your needs to the Lord in prayer?” <>< Dona (03/01/20)


MONDAY (02/24/20) Numbers 11 through 14

OH! WOW! Lord the Israelites seemed to continually complain about Your provisions.

Oh! Wow! You Lord confronted Miriam and Aaron about their attitude and treatment of Moses.

Oh! Wow! Even though the spies knew God was sending them to a land chosen by Him; even though they saw how rich, fertile, and bountiful the land was, they were still fearful. 

TUESDAY (02/25/20) Numbers 15 through 17

Oh! Wow! Lord thank You for being so understanding of the unintentional sins in our life and showing us we only have to repent and turn from them (Romans 3:22-24; I John 1:9).

Oh! Wow! Even though over and over the Israelites experienced God providing and guiding them, this particular group of rebelling Israelites didn’t understand Moses’ main goal was to serve God not to govern and control the Israelites.

WEDNESDAY (02/26/20) Numbers 18 through 20

Oh! Wow! Lord the Israelites’ memory was short.  God had already provided for them numerous times. And He was more than able to do so now.

THURSDAY (02/27/20) Numbers 21 through 24

Oh! Wow! Lord You can use not only a sorcerer but in this story You also used his donkey.

FRIDAY (02/28/20)  Numbers 25 through 27

Oh! Wow! Lord this moment would have been hidden from me if I had not read my Bible notes.  Though at time it may not seem like God is working in our lives, God often is working in quiet ways to bring about His long-range purposes. Don’t give up or give in.  Keep your eyes on God.

“May you see God’s hand in your life today.” <>< Dona