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“May the Lord give you revelation concerning His plan and purpose for your life as you look to His Word for direction.” <>< Dona (02/29/20)

In Numbers 15:37-41 the Lord tells Moses to instruct the Israelites to make tassels on the corners of their garment, with a blue cord on each tassel.


Oh! Wow! Lord you encouraged the Israelites to make (to craft) tassels.

Something to think about

The Lord wanted the Israelites to make tassels to attach to their garments so they would remember all His commands, obey them and not be drawn away by their own sinful desires.  

Something to experience

Inspired by Numbers 15:37-41. Why not make at least one tassel to remind you to obey God?  But you could make more.  For example: one for each of your overhead fans; one as a bookmark; one as a gift and even one to wear on a chain around your neck.  I suggest that you always tie the tassel off with a blue cord as the Israelites were suppose to do. (Blue is a symbol of revelation. Who wouldn’t want revelation from God?)

Directions for your tassel

1. Purchase the colors of embroidery floss (thread) you want to use for your tassel. Be sure to include blue. I purchased this 36 count package of embroidery thread at WalMart for less than $5. Individual colors can be purchased for less than 50 cents each.

photo # 1

2. Below are all the colors included in the above package.

photo # 2

3. Cut two lengths of blue floss. One 12 inches long, the other 6 inches long. Find the center of the white floss and tie the 12 inch long blue floss around the white floss. Leaving even tails. Tie a knot near the end of them.

photo # 3

4. Next take the six inch floss and tie it close to the top of the floss (about an inch from the top). Then wrap one tail around the floss and then the other as shown in the photo below. Place a little glue where the tails overlap and smooth down. Let dry.

photo # 4

5. Next cut the floss into at the bottom.

photo # 5

6. Holding tightly to the top of the tassel, take a brush and carefully pull through the floss at the bottom of the tassel to fluff it out. Your tassel is complete.

photo # 6

Besides the one above, I’ve made three more tassels. The one below I made for myself. It is a red and blue tassel on a faux pearl necklace. I also made two other tassel necklaces – one for my daughter (hers is black and white), and one for my granddaughter (hers is pink and gold).

photo # 7
Numbers 15:37-41 meaning of the tassel.


Lord I ask You to give us revelation concerning Your plan and purpose for our life as we look to Your Word for direction.  I pray every time we see our tassel (or tassels) we will be reminded to obey You and not follow the desires of the world.  I pray we will receive Your Word and hide it in our heart (Proverbs 2:1).  I pray we will treasure and store in our heart Your Word so that we will not sin against You (Psalm 119:11). In Christ Jesus’ name I pray.  AMEN.

“I pray you will treasure and store in your heart God’s Word so that you will not sin against Him.” <>< Dona