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“I hope you take time to read over the Oh! Wow! moments from this past week.” <>< Dona (02/23/20)


MONDAY (02/17/20) Leviticus 24 through 25

Oh! Wow! Lord, You are serious about the words we speak.

Oh! Wow! Lord, Your ownership is absolute. You own everything.

TUESDAY (02/18/20) Leviticus 26 through 27

Oh! Wow! Lord, Your faithfulness is overwhelming to me.

Oh! Wow! Lord, You take our vows (promises) seriously.

WEDNESDAY (02/19/20) Numbers 1 through 4

Oh! Wow! Lord, only priest could perform the duties in the tabernacle.

THURSDAY (02/20/20) Numbers 5 through 7

Oh! Wow! Lord, isolation for possible contagious illnesses was Your idea. 

Oh! Wow! Lord, it is so amazing to me that just as Moses heard Your voice so can we.

FRIDAY (02/21/20) Numbers 8 through 10

Oh! Wow!  Lord, Your GPS was better than any man made one.

Oh! Wow! Lord, Moses was thoughtful and respectful toward his father-in-law.

“Listen for the Lord’s voice today.” <>< Dona