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“Thank you for dropping by.” <>< Dona (02/22/20)

Today our craft is not quite a craft unless you make a thank you card. 

Do you know at least one person who has made a difference in your life?  Perhaps you could send a thank you card or just write them a letter thanking them.  Or perhaps neither of these suggestions work for you so how about just calling them or telling them face to face just how much they mean to you?  

My experience

When I was just a young girl (elementary school age) my next door neighbor, Mr. Irby would take my brother and me to church.  And afterwards he would take us out for lunch.  This was a big deal at the time because our family consisted of eleven children so we never ever went out to eat. 

When I remembered this act of kindness more than 30 years later, I decided to contact Mr. Irby and thank him.  I was living in Florida at the time and he was here in Texas.  Somehow I was able to contact him by phone.  When I told him why I was calling he said just that morning he had been thinking about his life and if he had accomplished anything for God.   

A short time later I was able to travel here to Texas.  I attended his church with him.  I was totally surprised to be invited to speak to the congregation. I was able to share from the pulpit how Mr. Irby had affected my life with his kindness.  After I spoke I was told by some in the congregation that they realized they had people in their life like Mr. Irby that they needed to thank. Others said they needed to be like Mr. Irby.

“Do you know someone you can encourage today?” <>< Dona