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“Remember the Lord is a prayer away.” <>< Dona (02/16/20)


MONDAY (02/10/20) Leviticus 9 through 11

Oh! Wow! Lord You tell us in Your Word what we’re to do and why we’re to do it.

Oh! Wow! Lord You spoke to Aaron and we can hear Your voice if we’ll just listen. 

Oh! Wow! Lord You were concerned about even what the Israelites ate. 

TUESDAY (02/11/20) Leviticus 12 through 14

Oh! Wow! Lord thank You for allowing us to have children. 

Oh! Wow! Thank You for being our Great Physician.

Oh! Wow! Thank You for giving us solutions.

WEDNESDAY (02/12/20)  Leviticus 15 through 17

Oh! Wow! You God are concerned about our health.

Oh! Wow! Lord I pray we will prepare to meet You.

Oh! Wow! Christ Jesus gave His blood to cleanse us from sin.

THURSDAY (02/13/20) Leviticus 18 through 20

Oh! Wow! Lord even today some people try to make certain sinful behavior acceptable.

OH! WOW! Lord You only want the best for us.

OH! WOW! Lord You want us to be Your children.

FRIDAY (02/14/20) Leviticus 21 through 23

Oh! Wow! Lord You are holy.

Oh! Wow! Lord Your Son Christ Jesus is holy too.

Oh! Wow! Lord you desired for the Israelites to celebrate with You.

“Have you talked to the Lord today?” <>< Dona