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“Listen for the Lord to speak today.” <>< Dona (02/15/20)

Inspired by Exodus 33:12-23; Exodus 34:29-35; and Leviticus 10:10-11. This Saturday consider allowing God to communicate with you.  Maybe you do this already.  But if you don’t or haven’t lately waited on God perhaps today you’ll take time to do so.

We can hear from God at any time, at any place, and in many ways. But if you’re new to hearing from God perhaps you’d like to find a quiet place and close your eyes to block out all surrounding distractions.   You may choose to kneel down, to sit or to lie down.  You may choose to read a short passage from the Bible or pray a short prayer of submission to God.  I’m encouraging you though to allow God to do most, if not all, of the talking. You can talk after you hear from God.

I suggest you have a pen and paper available.  Write down anything that comes to your mind.  Even if it doesn’t seem related to this time alone with God.  Writing it down may help you to clear out your mind so you can hear God when He does speak.  If after waiting for a few minutes you don’t hear anything, don’t get discouraged. 

Write down what you’re feeling. God may bring something to your mind in picture form.  Make note of that too.  Don’t rush this time but do realize if you’ve not done this before you may not be able to see or hear anything that you think is from God. 

Don’t worry if God doesn’t seem to be talking to you at this time.   Go about your day and just be open to what happens throughout the rest of your day.

God wants to speak to each of us.  God doesn’t just speak aloud.   He can speak in our heart/mind.  He can speak through a sermon.  He can speak through another person.   He can speak in your dreams.  He can speak through pictures He places in our mind. He can speak through His Word.

One last suggestion:  When you believe God has spoken to you, go to the Bible and see if it lines up with God’s written Word.  God will not speak against His Word. 

“May God make His presence known to you throughout this day.” <>< Dona