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“Do you know God knows your name?” <>< Dona (02/09/20)


MONDAY (02/03/20) Exodus 31 through 33

Oh! Wow! Lord Moses was willing to give his life for the Israelites. 

Oh! Wow! You the God of the Universe knew Moses by name.

TUESDAY (02/04/20) Exodus 34 through 36

Oh! Wow! Lord when Moses returned from spending time with You his face shone.

Oh! Wow! Lord Your Word says You placed in those who were building the sanctuary wisdom to do the work.  And the people brought much more offering than what was needed.

WEDNESDAY (02/05/20) Exodus 37 through 40

Oh! Wow! Lord Your glory filled the tabernacle. 

THURSDAY (02/06/20) Leviticus 1 through 4

Oh! Wow! Lord You accepted the offerings of the Israelites as a pleasing aroma to You when they gave correctly.  

Oh! Wow! Lord I’m so grateful we live in this time period.

FRIDAY (02/07/20) Leviticus 5 through 8

Oh! Wow! Thank You for giving us Christ Jesus.

“Do you know your Savior’s name is Christ Jesus?” <>< Dona