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“Are you a light to others?” <>< Dona (02/08/20)

Today’s craft is a postcard inspired by Exodus 27:20-21 and Leviticus 1:13.  Actually I’m making four postcards.  One to keep and three to share.

I hope you’ll enjoy this craft, but if you’re just not the crafty type write yourself a note “This little light of mine I’m going to let it shine” and post it where you can see it.  


I always use a WORD document for my projects like this. The setup for the four postcards: Click on PAGE LAYOUT; then select Orientation; then select landscape; select  Column and then Two. Also click on margins and set the top, the bottom, the right and the left margins at 0.5. 

Next search for “lit candle clip art” on the internet. Select one you like and copy and paste on your  WORD document.  Be sure to center the candle.  (REMEMBER:  there are two columns so the center will actually look off center on the page.   You’re going to be making three more postcards so once you get the first one right you’ll just copy and paste the other three on the page.)

Then below the lit candle, type “This little light of mine I’m going let it shine.” Choose the font, font size and font color that you like. (You can also    include the scripture Matthew 5:14 and Philippians 2:15 like I did.)

This next step is probably the hardest part of the entire project.  Now that you have your picture and your message the postcard will have to be sized to fit the top left of  your page.  So go ahead and reduce the picture if you need to by putting your cursor on the bottom right corner until you see a little arrow.  Drag your cursor toward the center until the picture and text fits into about 1/4th of the top left corner of the page. 

You might want to increase the size of your font. Do this by highlighting your message and then clicking on HOME, then you can change the font, the font size and the font color. Make sure this first postcard still fits in the top left quarter of your   page. Once you do this, copy and paste  this postcard – below the first one, then paste two more postcards in the top right and bottom right of your page. At this point you may need to also resize a little more.

Check and make sure everything fits on one page. Print your postcards on white cardstock.  (After printing but before cutting my postcards, I creased my paper down the middle – horizonally and vertically.) Cut your postcards and place one of them where you will see it every day.

You can either hand out the additional three postcards or you can mail them by addressing and placing a stamp on the blank side.

“I hope your light shines today.” <>< Dona