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“Do you have experiences you want to remember?” <>< Dona (02/01/20)

My Thoughts

I’d like to clarify what “oh! wow!” moments are to me?  They are times when something I see or hear or experience is so wonderful or unbelievable that I utter, you guessed it, “oh! wow!” These moments are precious gifts from God to me.

My Experience

Recently as I was crossing a bridge I’ve driven on many times, a reoccurring experience from a few years back came to my mind.  I drove my granddaughter over this same bridge many times as I transported her to and from kindergarten.  I began reminiscing and longing for those sweet times together.  I miss them.  My daughter now home schools that precious granddaughter so she doesn’t need a ride to school anymore. The Lord though quickly reminded me that I was still experiencing “oh! Wow!” times with my 9 year old granddaughter and that I should be relishing every one of them.  Especially those I’m currently experiencing. 

Something to think about

Looking back for too long might prevent us from seeing and enjoying what’s happening in the present. So though I’m encouraging you to continue to find “oh! wow!” moments as you read through the Bible look around and see the “oh! wow!” moments in your own life as you are interacting with your children, your grandchildren, your spouse or others. 

Something to experience

Look for “oh! wow!” moments as you go on errands, as you’re working, when you’re at home or even just walking outside. And record them so you can look back on them when you need encouragement.


Recently I took some items to the Parent Center in Willis Texas. And it is there that I met Teresa who heads up the center.  She is amazing. “Oh! wow!”  What she’s doing there is amazing.  And what she has experienced and still is experiencing is amazing. God is using this woman to touch many lives. She’s making a huge difference in her sphere of influence.

If you’re looking for a place to donate time, money, clothes, household items, furniture, just about anything someone would need to maintenance a home this just might be the place for you to give support. 

Parent Support Center located in the Roark Early Education Center 606 N. Campbell Willis, Texas 77378 936-856-5691


The Craft

Today’s craft is an “ark” box to record and keep encouragement in.  Inspired by Exodus 25:10-16. Why not record, date and place in your ark box your “Oh! Wow!” moments? Perhaps then each Sunday you could take time to reread what you’ve put in your ark and thank God for His Presence in your life.


1. Find one empty gift size (5” by 5” by 5” or smaller) box with a lid.  (I purchased my box last year at a garage sale for 50 cents.)

2. If you don’t like how the exterior of the box looks either cover the box and the lid separately with wrapping paper (I wrapped mine in gold paper) or paint the box and lid.

3. Print a message for the lid such as “MY OH! WOW! MOMENT BOX.”  And glue the message on the lid.

4. Place some index cards or slips of paper inside with a pen, so you’ll always be ready to record and save.

“I hope you had time to ‘build’ your ark today.” <>< Dona