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WEEK IN REVIEW: Genesis 43 through Exodus 15

MONDAY (01/20/20) Genesis 43 through 45

  • Oh! Wow! Lord, thank You for hearing us when we call out to You. 
  • Oh! Wow! Lord, You are trustworthy. Why do we forget that so often?
  • Oh! Wow! Lord, Joseph believed all he was experiencing was part of Your plan. Do I have that same level of faith?

TUESDAY (01/21/20) Genesis 46 through 50

  • Oh! Wow! Lord, I am so grateful that You spoke to Jacob and that You are still speaking to us.
  • Oh! Wow! Lord, Joseph recognized that You worked through the situations he experienced in his life.  You worked it together for good. You saved many people who would have starved if not for the situations Joseph went through. 

WEDNESDAY (01/22/20) Exodus 1 through 4

  • Oh! Wow! Lord, I believe You put it in each of the midwives’ heart to be pro-life, that is to save the babies from Pharaoh’s command to kill them.
  • Oh! Wow! Lord, You wanted to include Moses in Your plan for Your people.  Just like you want to include us in Your plan for our loved ones.
  • Oh! Wow! Even though Moses doubted that others would believe him, Lord You patiently showed Moses what You could do through him.

THURSDAY (01/23/20) Exodus 5 through 12

  • Oh! Wow! Lord, You brought the Israelites out of bondage. 

FRIDAY (01/24/20) Exodus 13 through 15

  • Oh! Wow! Lord, You were keeping them from being discouraged. 
  • Oh! Wow! Lord, the Israelites were not grateful for You bringing them out of slavery.
  • Oh! Wow! Lord, You held back the water so the Israelites could walk on dry land to the other side of the Red Sea.
  • Oh! Wow! Lord, You are such a faithful and good God even when we’re not either of these.

Please take time to thank God for all the blessings He’s bestowed upon you this past week.