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Today’s craft is a “Give Thanks” platter.  Inspired by Genesis 46:1-4 and Genesis 50:15-21. I try to thank God every day for what He’s given me.  My “Give Thanks” platter will be displayed in my home year round. Below is the one my 9 year old granddaughter made for her home.

“Give Thanks” platter directions:

1. You will need a plain platter.  (I used a 12 inch in diameter charger.  I purchased a dozen or so at garage sales last year.)

2. You will need to find an embellishment for the center of the platter. (I searched for Thanksgiving clip art but you can choose whatever you want to embellish the center of your platter.   Size your selection so it only fills half of an 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper.  Print then trim to fit within center of your platter.)  

3. Select the wording you want around the edge of the platter. (Pick the color, the font (I chose Cooper Std.) and the font size (I chose 88) for your lettering. Print and cut out lettering such as GIVE THANKS; COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS; or a favorite Scripture having to do with giving thanks for what God has given you. Cut out the letters.)

4. Using MOD PODGE or some a similar sealer adhere the picture to the center and the words wherever you want to place them.  (Make sure there are no bubbles.  Let dry and apply a top coat of the sealer you are using.)

5.  You may want to use polyurethane once the sealer is completely dry. 

I hope you had a fun day.  Please come back.