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“I promised a craft and here it is. Inspired by Genesis 9:12-17 and II Corinthians 1:20.” <>< Dona (01/04/20)

Today I’ll be sharing how to make a “GOD KEEPS ALL HIS PROMISES” bookmark like the ones pictured below:

DIRECTIONS for bookmarks 

Open a blank document in Word.  Open PAGE LAYOUT. Set top, bottom, left and right margins to 0.5.  Set Orientation to Landscape.  Set Columns to three.

Download a rainbow by searching for rainbow clip art.  Copy and paste in the first column of your document.  Center the rainbow. Stretch or shrink the rainbow to fit the top 1/4 of the column. 

Next select a font and size for the title. Center and type God Keeps All His Promises.  Size the title to fit the second 1/4 of the column (my choice was Angelica, size 33). 

Now select a different font and size for the scripture II Corinthians 1:20 (my choice was Times New Roman font, size 14, Bold, Italic).  Center and type the scripture. This portion of the bookmark should fit into the third ¼ section of the bookmark. 

The last section of the bookmark (the additional scriptures) I used Times New Roman font, size 14 but it is neither bold nor italic. Be sure this is centered also.

To finish off the bookmark I clicked on design, selected Page Borders, then Borders, then Box, then OK.  I just think it makes the bookmarks more uniform and easier to cut out especially if you’re using scissors.   

Now copy and paste your bookmark two more times by advancing to the second and then third column.

You’re ready to print.  I selected a non white cardstock.  I would suggest that you not get too dark with the cardstock you use though.  Okay you’re almost finished.   Print. 

Trim both sides and the bottom of each bookmark along the lines, leave the paper at the top of the bookmarks.  Then punch a hole in the center top of each bookmark.  Loop a length of yarn or ribbon through the top of each bookmark.  Think about keeping one bookmark and sharing the other two. (p.s. You can laminate these bookmarks but it’s not really necessary.)  

Every Saturday I will try to come up with a craft connected to what we’ve been reading. Hopefully these simple crafts will remind you of an “Oh! Wow!” moment from the past few days.

“Every Sunday will be my day of rest. And I hope yours too. If you attend church on Saturday just switch your rest and craft days to fit your schedule.” <>< Dona