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“Today I encourage you to make time to pray David’s song of praise.” <>< 05/09/20

Since I’m not a singer, I’ve “crafted” David’s song into a prayer to the Lord. 

II Samuel 22 Prayer

You Lord are our Rock, our Fortress, and our Deliverer. I pray in You Lord we will trust. You are our Shield, the Horn of our Salvation, our High Tower, our Refuge, our Saviour.  You Lord save us from violence. I pray we will call on You, Lord.   You Lord are worthy to be praised.  You Lord will save us from our enemies (verses 2-4).

Thank You Lord for drawing us out of many dangerous situations. Thank You Lord for delivering us from our enemies.  Thank You Lord for bringing us forth into a spacious place.  Thank You Lord for delivering us.  Thank You Lord for delighting in us (verses 17-20).

Thank You Lord for rewarding us according to our righteousness: according to the cleanness of our hands. I pray we will keep Your ways Lord, and not depart from You our God.  I ask You Lord to help us stay far from sin. Thank You Lord for rewarding us according our righteousness; according to our cleanness in Your sight (verses 21-25).

Thank You Lord for showing us mercy.  Thank You Lord for helping us live as upright before You. Thank You Lord for helping us to have pure hearts. Thank You Lord for saving us from affliction.  Thank You Lord for being our lamp.  Thank You Lord for shining Your light into our darkness. Thank You for giving us strength  (verses 26-30).

Thank You Lord for Your Way which is perfect.  Thank You for giving us Your Word which is true.  Thank You for being a Buckler to all of us that  trust in You. Thank You for being our God.  Thank You for being our Rock.  You Lord are our strength and power: and You make our way perfect.  Thank You Lord for setting us upon high places.  Thank You for teaching our hands to war.  Thank You Lord for giving us the shield of Your salvation. Thank You for treating us with gentleness.  Thank You for enlarging our steps under us, so that our feet did not slip (verses 31-37).

You Lord are alive.  Blessed be You, our Rock.  Exalted are You the Rock of our Salvation.  Thank You Lord for protecting us from our enemies. Thank You for lifting us above our enemies. Thank You for delivering us from every violent person.  Lord I give thanks to You and pray in Your name (verses 47-50).  AMEN.

“May you and I truly recognize all that God has done for us.” <>< Dona