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“May you and I share our faith with those around us.” <>< Dona (07/04/20)

As I thought about the past chapters I’ve read in the book of Job (chapters 1-5) I remembered a conversation I had with my sister, Barbara.  She summed up what she was saying with this one liner: “Unbelievers are our mission field not our enemies.”

Then in a later conversation Barbara shared with me a page from her devotional “When God Whispers Your Name” by Max Lucado. He spoke of all the moments we wait in lines.  We wait in line at stop signs, supermarkets, voting precincts, drive thru restaurants, etc. 

These moments can be used to commune with God.  By talking to God during our waiting in line time, the common becomes uncommon. 

Praying for others can turn an errand into an encounter with God.  Let every place we find ourselves in become a place of prayer.  Let’s pray for our unbelieving world.

“May you and I share our faith with the unbelieving world.” <>< Dona