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I’d like to take you on a tour of our home here in Texas.  My husband and I have spent many hours decorating for Christmas.  Our goal is to make sure our decorations reinforce “Jesus is the reason for the season.” 

By the way, many of the decorations you will see throughout our home were purchased at garage sales or on sale.  My husband and I are always looking for bargains.

I’m beginning the tour outside our home.  To the left of our home is our biggest Nativity.  A few years back while we were still living in Florida, we had someone make it for us.   It has weathered the storms.   And it puts a smile on my face when I view it.

The tour continues. Right outside the front door are three packages.  My Mom’s favorite chapter in the Bible was I Corinthians 13.  Verse 13 speaks of three virtues – FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE.  The only crafty thing I did here was to apply the words to each box.

Entering the front door the first thing seen is a banner that says, “WISHING YOU A CHRISTMAS OF JOY.”  That is our wish for all of you.  This was a very easy project. Most of this banner is felt.

To the right of the front door is a group of cowboys on a shelf and one of them is holding a sign I made that says, “Y’all Jesus is the reason for the season.” 

And to the right of the cowboys is a red, white and blue decorated Texas Christmas tree with a sign I made that says, “Wishing Y’all joy, love, peace and a wonderful Texas Christmas!”  This sign is from all of us Texans (natives and wannabes).  Even if you’re not in Texas I wish you a joy-filled, love-filled, peace-filled, wonderful Christmas.  

Throughout our home are a total of 16 boxes that are addressed to you.  I made all 16 packages to remind me and others of all the gifts our heavenly Father wants to give to us. I had wanted to display all the boxes outside my front door, but our wise nine-year-old granddaughter told me they might be blown off the porch.  So I asked her to place the 16 gifts around the inside of our home. During this tour you will see where she placed them. 

Three of those gifts (shown in the above photo) were placed right inside our front door under our Texas Christmas tree.      The gifts are “JESUS CHRIST” (Galatians 1:4), SALVATION (Acts 14:12), and ETERNAL LIFE (Romans 6:23).

Moving toward our downstairs hall we pass the bouquet wall art.  Though we replaced most of our regular wall art with Christmas art this one we just embellished with bows and a message “Every good and perfect gift comes from God” (James 1:17).

Moving on from the entrance hall we enter the small hallway to our downstairs bedrooms.  The first craft project we come to is to the left.  It is a silhouette of the wise men, the three kings of the orient who traveled to see Jesus by following a star.  I made this by simply printing clip art from the internet on card stock.  Then framing it.  My frame is unfinished wood.  I also attached a portion of the song “We Three Kings” to the bottom section of the frame.  I attached a star in the upper right hand corner of the frame for the kings to follow.  Three questions you might like to ponder: Does the Bible say how many kings actually traveled to see Jesus?  And does it say how long it actually took these kings to get to Jesus?  Was Jesus still in Bethlehem in the manger when they arrived?  If you’re interesting in pursuing this read both Matthew 2 and Luke 2 for help.

Continuing the tour, on the opposite wall is a manger silhouette printed and framed the same as the kings.  On this framed silhouette I attached a portion of the song “Away In A Manger” to the bottom section of the frame.

In this hall I also hung wreathes on a closet door and two bedroom doors.  I made all three of them.  I bought three small unadorned wreathes. I then cut out the words “FAITH”, “HOPE”, and “LOVE” and attached one to each wreath.  I purchased the sweet birds and attached one to each wreath.  I tied a bow and a poinsettia to the top of the wreath.  Quite simple but I believe sweet.

The last craft for this hall is what I call the Nativity silhouette story.  I made this with five discs I purchased at a church rummage sale.  I painted the discs black, downloaded some free clip art from the internet and cut the silhouettes out with my Cricut.  If you don’t know what a Cricut is, it’s a wonderful machine that cuts cloth, plastic, photo paper, construction paper, and much more.  My husband, daughter and granddaughter purchased it for me last Christmas.  As the tour continues you will see some items though that I cut by hand last year before I received my Cricut.  This gift has saved me many hours of time and does projects I couldn’t have done otherwise.  Thanks to my great family I have more time to make more things. 

Okay back to the Nativity silhouette story project. After I cut out the silhouettes I attached them to the discs and attached the discs to the double ribbons and then topped the project off with a red rose that I cut out with my Cricut.  The rose pattern can be found at JenniferMaker.com.   Her website is a little tricky for me to maneuver but I hope you’ll persevere because she has some wonderful, free patterns you can even cut out by hand if you don’t have a cutting machine.

Leaving the hall, we pass a red tinsel tree with snowflakes displayed on both this tree and the one directly across from it. It is said that no two snowflakes are alike.   I am reminded it is the same with humans.  This is one of those projects I couldn’t have done without my Cricut. All the snowflakes were cut out with it. Under the tinsel tree nearest the hall is a gift from our heavenly Father – JOY (I Thessalonians 1:6).

Now entering our den.    I’ll not be showing you all my decorations, just the ones that focus on “Jesus is the reason for the season.” 

On our hearth is our second largest Nativity.  I’ve placed the kings a little farther away from the manger than the shepherds.  I believe the shepherds arrived first.  To make the “hay” for the manger scene I ran brown paper through my husband’s shredder.  I might try something else next year because the slightest breeze can move the “hay” from the hearth to the floor.

I made a number of Christmas block messages.  Two of them are displayed here on the mantle.  “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and “HARK THE HERALD ANGELS SING.”  

I gave all the block messages to my granddaughter and let her place them.  So you will be seeing more block messages as we continue around the house.  If you’re interested in making some just visit the “33 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS” post on this site for directions.

Also on the mantle at each end are angels making music for our angelic choir.

Here above our television is part of our angel collection.  They are part of the angelic choir.  They are singing “Glory to the newborn King.”  These angels have been collected over the years.  Many of the angels you’re seeing here were purchased at garage sales.  

To the left of the television is my magazine angel.  I made it this year along with about 30 other magazine angels that were displayed on our stairs for a few weeks  then given away to relatives and friends.

To the right of the television are four connected angels.  All these angels are part of the angelic choir.   This angel grouping was purchased at a garage sale.

Now I’m moving to the biggest tree downstairs.  It is decorated in red, white, gold and silver.  There’s symbolism there.  Some connects to the birth of Jesus, some to His death and resurrection.

Under this tree are more gifts from our heavenly Father. To the right of the tree is LIVING WATER (John 4:10).  Then to the left of the tree are “PEACE” (John 14:27), “UNDERSTANDING” (I John 5:20), and “RECONCILATION (II Corinthians 5:18).

On the coffee table is our porcelain nativity.

As we travel toward the left of the tree we come upon more Christmas blocks that our granddaughter has placed.  She is so smart and considerate.  When the blinds are open even those outside can read the message. She placed together two sets of the the same message.  The “JOY TO THE WORLD”, the “PEACE ON EARTH”, and the “JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON” messages face both directions.  I really would never have thought of that.  She slanted “FAITH, HOPE, LOVE” so they could be viewed from inside or out because she gave the other set of those words to someone who was at our Christmas party. I believe that was quite thoughtful of her. 

Our angel tree sets on the end table between our loveseat and sofa.   Our nine-year-old granddaughter suggested that we place a wreath around the base of one of our lamps and I liked the look and used it here for the angel tree too.

On this credenza I’ve displayed three nativities. One is the three kings with a depiction of Mary, Joseph and Jesus on them.  The other is an angel also with a depiction of Mary, Joseph and Jesus on her.  And then there’s the fiber optic Mary, Joseph and Jesus.  In front of all these nativities is a “PEACE” plaque with two angels.  I repainted and applied snow to it.    All this is displayed on a blue and white snowflake scarf. 

Now on to our “It’s A Wonderful Life” town which is combined with other buildings.  My husband worked for 7-Eleven for 40 years, so we have a convenient store in our little town.  We also have two churches.  One on the east side, one on the west.  I made marquees for each church. For both churches, the message for the Christmas Eve service at 6:00 P.M. is “It’s A Wonderful Life” when your life is spent in service to Jesus.  

left (or east) side
right (or west) side

Each year my husband chooses a video to share with our extended family.  This year it was “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”  Our daughter, our granddaughter, my husband and I all contributed in some way to this display.   It turned out so sweet.  During our Christmas parties (we had two) this year my husband read the book “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to our guests. We gave our guests copies of the video “A Charlie Brown Christmas” along with a magazine angel.  And some guests received a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  All this to remind them of not just the story but the true meaning of Christmas which Linus shared in both the book and the video (from Luke 2:8-14).

I made some signs to hang in place of our regular art work.  This sign “PEACE ON EARTH” is one that I made.  

This is another wreath I made. It is hanging on our media storage door.

As we move into our dining room another sign I painted comes into view.  “BELIEVE IN THE MIRACLE OF CHRISTMAS.” The miracle of Christmas is the birth of Jesus. This is very simple to make. Stencils are used for the lettering or you can cut the letters out and glue them on the painted canvas. The snowflakes are stickers.

Upon our buffet is displayed Walt Disney World.  Now some may balk at this display but I believe even Mickey can be included in the Christmas story.  Psalm 98:4 says joy to the world. 

The photo above showcases a beautiful nativity from Jerusalem. It was a gift from Karen, a friend who for many years lived next door to us in Florida. 

The white flowers are in this container year round. I just added some old poinsettias and the glitter tipped plants. I love this arrangement. We purchased the container at a garage sale and at an even later date we purchased the glitter tipped plants.

The red heart ornaments represent love.  Love came down at Christmas illustrates John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son for whosoever believes in Him will not perish but receive eternal life.”

The chandelier reinforces that God’s love came down at Christmas.

The top glass shelf displays JOY jars that were gifts made by my daughter-in-law with help I believe from her daughter, our granddaughter.  They look so pretty with a choir singing beside them. 

The bottom shelf displays a lovely cross with a nativity to the left and an angel to the right of our crystal ornament tree.

Here is our silent night, holy night village.  I painted the first, second, fourth and sixth houses from the left and most of the accessories back in the early 1990s.  The third cabin from the left was free and the fifth house from the left was purchased at a garage sale and needed repairs. We had to install a new cross and fix the music box. I’m telling you all this so perhaps when you see something that is less than perfect you might consider taking on a project.

On the back door of our home is another of our wreathes. It was already made. JESUS is attached to this wreath.

We are now entering the kitchen. My husband’s santa collection is displayed here.  Some may balk at this display too.  So before I show you the collection I want to read you something that is in the display. It’s from the book pictured below. “As with many things in our culture, Santa has his beginnings in a Christian past.  The guiding behavior for Santa was modeled in St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, dating to the fourth century.  St. Nicholas inherited a large amount of money and used much of his fortune to help the poor.  Saint Nicholas gave freely to meet the needs of people around him, fulfilling the commands of Christ to aid the poor.”

My favorite santa is the one kneeling before Jesus.  “At the name of Jesus every knee will bow and tongue will confess and openly acknowledge Jesus Christ is Lord” (Philippians 2:10-11).

Under the trees, in the containers, in our breakfast room are stuffed toys.  These are gifts my husband has given me through the years.  I grew up with 10 siblings (7 brothers and 3 sisters) so my husband thinks I need some toys.  More of the toys my husband gave me are displayed upstairs under another Christmas tree.  

In the photos above, under the trees are  more of the gifts from God – LIFE (John 6:33, 35; John 5:21); EVERYTHING WE NEED (II Peter 1:3); and GREAT AND PRECIOUS PROMISES (II Peter 1:4).

Also in the last photo above is a baking santa, a gift to my husband from his two sisters.  He’s a good cook, not so much me.

Atop our microwave is displayed a Precious Moments nativity.

As we go upstairs I’ve replaced our regular art with lyrics from Christmas songs.

Now we’re upstairs. On the bridge between our bedroom and the gameroom are a group of stuffed bears. This is the sign above them.

More gifts from our heavenly Father are shown in the photo below. The gifts are the HOLY SPIRIT, WISDOM, STRENGTH, RIGHTEOUSNESS and GRACE. Also more presents from my husband are on display.

Many years ago we were given Yoda, he’s a character from the Star Wars movies. His message to you is below.

Christ Jesus loves us so much He came down to earth even though He knew the cross was in His future.

Whether you’re a family member, a friend or a future friend I hope you’ll come back to this site and see what I’m doing.

When you have time check out our nine-year-old granddaughter’s youtube channel.  Just go to www.youtube.com then enter Gaming With Sydney in the search box.  Her identifying photo is her on the beach.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, complaints or questions I can be contacted at dona@scripturecrafts.com. Thanks, Dona