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Part 1 What

This past week I was busy with celebrating birthdays and an anniversary.  I spent the night away from home Wednesday night (11/06/19) for the birthdays and then Friday night (11/08/19) for the anniversary. I enjoyed the celebrations but that meant I didn’t have time to create anything for a few days.

So today after church I decided to use the red twin bedspread that I purchased for $2.50 at St. Mary’s Rummage Sale. I covered some tree containers and still had enough fabric left to use on my kitchen cart.

Part 2 Why

I decided the trees in our kitchen would be staying in there through Christmas.  But I didn’t want to spend a lot of money to make them festive.  So when I saw the red bedspread at the Rummage Sale I purchased it.

I don’t have a scripture for this project. Though my husband and I believe in saving where we can so we can share what we have with others. We want to make wise choices when we do buy something.

You may already have some fabric and ribbon that you could use if you want to do something like this project.

The red twin bedspread provided me enough material to cover three tree containers and the top of my kitchen cart.  I’m including a “before” photo for the bedspread and one of the tree containers and all I covered with the fabric have “after” photos.  

before: the red twin bedspread
before: one of my clay pot tree container
after: the above clay pot tree container
after: my other clay pot tree container
after: my basket tree container

Part 3 How

I forgot to measure the red twin bedspread before starting the project but I’m guessing the bedspread was about 80″ X 100″.  I used every bit of the bedspread. Two of the tree containers (clay pots) are 52 inches around and 28 inches high.  The other tree container (a basket) is 32 inches around and 18 inches high.  The left over piece of bedspread used on the top of the kitchen cart is about 26 inches by 18 inches.

To make the covers, I measured and cut a piece of fabric for each of the containers.  I added about 2 inches to overlap when I wrapped the containers.  And I added about 4 inches to the length to tuck into the top of the tree containers.  Once I had the piece of fabric wrapped the way I wanted it to look I tied a ribbon around the container. If the covering was to long I just kept tucking the fabric into the container’s top until it just touched the floor.

I already had the ribbon I used to tie around these containers and cart.  I believe I purchased them a while back when they were put on sale.


Lord I hesitate to include this project on my website. After all I want others to see You in what I make. I believe You gave me the plan for covering these containers. Lord I pray You will be glorified because You’ve given me this gift of making things that bring happiness to me, my family and others. In Your Son, Christ Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN.

(Any thoughts, ideas, complaints, I can be contacted at dona@scripturecrafts.com)