Why this song means so much to me.

Growing up I, along with 10 siblings and our Mom, didn’t know from day to day what we would face. Our Dad, who had a severe drinking problem, might be sober or he might be rip roaring drunk or even somewhere in between.

Our dear saintly Mom was right there with us though. She never left us. Our Dad was a very good Dad when he was sober. But from day to day we didn’t know which Dad we would face.

One day when I was an adult I began attending Alanon meetings. One of the women encouraged me to attend a Bible study group (Bible Study Fellowship).

And through that study I discovered the Lord was waiting for me to turn to Him. I believe it was then that I first heard the song “One Day At A Time.”

This song reminds me of how I and my family got through the difficult days of our life. It was truly one day at a time.

I was almost 36 years old when my Dad, nearing death, turned his life over to the Lord. In fact it was the same day I prayed with a precious Baptist pastor to receive Christ Jesus into my heart and life as well. My Dad went to be with his Lord and Savior less than a month later.

And I, since March 19 1986, have been on a wonderful daily walk with Jesus. Over the past years each of my siblings has placed their life in the Lord’s hands too.

There may be more polished renditions of “One Day At A Time” but not one that reminds me of my country family as much as this one. I’m thankful for the family God gave me. I’m grateful to the Lord for the life I’ve lived – all of it. Because it has brought me to where I am today.

I hope this song blesses you.

“May you and I resolve to take one day at a time.” <>< Dona